About Us

Meet Le
LeKesiah Washington-Fleury, aka Natural Le, is the owner and majestic artisan of Geaux Naturalle, LLC since 2017. She has worked in the Accounting field for over 26 years, earned an Associates of Science degree in Accounting as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. To stay current in today’s society, she studied and earned a Master’s Degree in Computer Information Systems. 
Le founded Geaux Naturalle in 2017 as a way to transition into a more healthy and natural lifestyle. Natural in the sense of consuming no harsh chemicals into the body including hair, face, body, digestive system, etc. Healthy in the sense of detoxing and ridding the body of chemicals and harmful toxins.
"I just find that when you take the Natural Approach it's not a quick fix and people in society are looking for a quick fix. If you Nurture Something Naturally you fix it the right way."
Le is a widow and a mother of four.  The healing abilities of aromatherapy and meditation has allowed her to remain healthy in the wake of becoming a widow. Her hobbies include fine dining, traveling, and being artsy...all in a luxury manner while enjoying the ambiance.
How it Started

It all started with me. Geaux Naturalle started off as a natural products company making candles, bath salts, bath scrub, body butter, loose leaf teas, and hair products.  These were all things that I consumed but searched for a higher quality.  In 2018, decided to take a different approach to the natural product and transition to natural wellness products with healing abilities.  When I lost my husband in 2019, it fueled me to get deeper into the healing abilities of aromatherapy especially for my sanity.  I’ve never been one to take any kind of meds and I didn’t want any anti-depressants either.  I believe that the body naturally heals itself and I wanted to help others create a natural healing environment for themselves as I had done for me. This is Important to me because I just naturally want to help people. When I help people it feels good and to know I helped someone out in a situation they may have been struggling with.  I don't make Candles to just sell Candles, most scents are hand mixed by me and joined by essential oils and herbs to create to healing environment that creates calmness, happiness, and a beautiful ambiance.



Our mission is to help people create an ambiance that gives them peace.  Our candles are purposed for everyone but we hold a particular place in our hearts for widows. 



Our vision is to provide an outlet from this unbalanced world, with the peace from the ambiance of our candles.


Giving Back

As stated above, I’m a widow since August of 2019.  I’ve always heard that grief comes in waves but I’m actually experiencing it firsthand.  Even before I came a widow, when someone lost a loved one, I wanted to do something to give that person a little sunshine. When I became a widow, there were no gifts, food, or special favors then a friend of mine, over 2600 miles away, sent me a candle holder.  I was so grateful that someone thought to give me something in my time of bereavement.  Becoming a widow, recently, has landed me in a whole new world.  A world with a lot of uncertainty, unanswered questions, mixed feelings and emotions, and so on.  I found myself left alone.  After the funeral, probably 95% of my family and friends completely disappeared, leaving me to grieve alone.  This situation is brand new to anyone.  I didn’t know what to do, where to turn, who to talk to, or how I would continue to make it with my sanity.  I joined a few Facebook groups, the national program Grief Share, and a bi-weekly, in person, grief group but sometimes it still felt like it wasn’t enough.  That’s what gave me the idea to build something for widows to feel a little love and care.  Ultimately, I’ve created “Pour Widow”.  Pour Widow is a campaign initiative that Provides and Offers widows care packages to help Uplift and Rebuild their hearts.  Each package includes one of our hand “poured” candles, a canister of our loose leaf herbal tea for her to “pour” and sip, and a jar of our luxury healing bath salts for her to “pour” for a relaxing bath.  Beginning January 2022, we’ll be taking submissions for Pour Widow recipients. We’ll also be taking donations and sponsorships, and the Pour Widow package will be on the website for purchase as well for those who want to give as a gift. The pandemic has put a pause on a lot of things but in the near future, we’ll be hosting grief events as well.