Navigating Grief and Healing with Candles

Good Morning,

I'd like to start with a positive mantra and burning a candle.  It's Monday, I'm healthy, and I have everything that I need.  I manifest these things.

I'm sitting here in disbelief this morning after finding out a friend of mine, whom I've know since middle school, passed away a couple days ago. This seems so unreal to me because I had just talked to him last week in reference to his health and he assured me he was fine.  I was having a rough period during evacuation from Hurricane Ida, see previous blog post, and he prayed for me.

September 4, 2021:

     Me:  How are you today?

     Friend:  I'm good and you? I'm just resting, watching football.

     Me:  That's good. I'm in a dark place trying to keep going.

     Friend: Heavenly father we come before you on bending knees and we beg your forgiveness.  We beg you to shelter us from the storm. We ask that you restore peace in LeKesiah's life. Father God we know we are you soldiers and you will never give us more than we can handle. We ask you to strengthen our faith and our belief that you will continuously fight for and provide for us. I beg you father make peace be still in LeKesiah's life for we are covered by the blood of Jesus. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

     Me:  Thank  you so much!

     Friend:  Now I don't wanna hear that dark place crap coming out of your mouth no more ma'am. You're speaking in the devil and last I checked, we don't do him.

He was fighting for his life but didn't let on and he prayed for ME.  We talked for another week after until I didn't hear from him and was getting no response then I found out.  

I'm extremely grateful we got to know each other in personality and spirit because we both had different thought about each other growing up lol.  I am forever grateful to him for his calming spirit when I was in storms and I truly miss him already...No more suffering Ma T.


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