Life can be funny but amazing

Happy November! 

It’s amazing how much truth there is to the phrases“you have what you say” and “manifesting”. As much as I think I’m not living the life I want, in a way, I’m living things I’ve said.

Rewind to the month of May in the year of 1989. It’s 8th grade graduation, from Ellender Middle School. I finally get to go to Ehret and experience the wonderful high school life I was hearing about, from the ones a little older than me. I was on top of the world but not even for 24 hours. Immediately after the ceremony, I was ambushed with the news that I would be leaving town first thing in the morning. With the shock on my face, she assured me that it would be just for the summer but from the beginning, that wasn’t the truth. In a nutshell, I NEVER got to go to John Ehret High School or be a Patriot.

Fast forward 30 years later…I’m a Patriot. It didn’t happen when or how I wanted it to at the time but it happened. Til this day, it still devastates me that I missed out on so much and it changed the trajectory of my friendships but I’m learning to find peace with it all. I now know that I can manifest whatever I want. It may not happen when I think it should but it’ll happen when the time is right.

Full story will be in one of my upcoming books. If you’re here, that means you rock with me. Thank You 💚



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